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Stillwell Farm Supply, LLC is now featuring the Galco Classic Lite Leather Shoulder Holster System from :

Galco's Classic Lite Shoulder Holster is a great option for those that only want to carry part time. It is a very lightweight shoulder holster made of premium Center Cut Steerhide leather. The holster itself does not have deep molding like the Classic Lite's big brother, the Miami Classic. However, with wear, it will take the shape of the concealed weapon. The Classic Lite shoulder holster uses the same harness and Flexalon swivel backing plate as the Jackass Rig.


This leather shoulder rig is offered for both right and left handed shooters and is available for semiautomatic pistols and revolvers. Belt tie downs can also be added to this holster at an additional cost.


Additionally, this item comes in a Natural color, meaning the leather is not dyed, but rather takes the natural color of the leather.


The Galco Classic Lite Holster is an excellent way to get a great price on a quality leather shoulder holster without breaking the bank!

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