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Medicated Chick Starter


Medicated Chick Starter

   31218 -Crumble



For the prevention of Coccidiosis




Formulated for maximum growth and bird health:

   Natural enzymes for improved digestibility and higher feed efficiency.

   Vitamins A, D3, E, & B12 for healthy immune system.

   Quality nutrients for strong chicks that thrive.


Feeding Tips

Feed as a sole ration to growing chicks including; turkeys, ducks, and chickens. Feed by weight not volume. Weigh your container empty and then weigh it with feed and subtract the weight of the container. Birds are individuals and consumption may vary with and age. Always keep fresh clean water available for your birds.




50lb Bag


Crude Protein      Min    18.0 %

Crude Fat           Min      4.0 %

Crude Fiber         Max     5.0 %


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