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Tucker Milling

16% Layer Crumbles

16% Layer Pellets

Tucker Milling Layer Rations are specifically designed to support egg laying, and are formulated to support healthy, vigorous birds.


We include non-ruminant meat and bone meal to fulfill the omnivorous needs of your poultry. Poultry naturally consume insects and worms when they are free range, but in captivity they need supplements of this in their diet. This gives them the proper protein sources they need and can help curb pecking eggs and each other.



Formulated for maximum egg production and bird health with added calcium for strong egg shells. Natural enzymes for improved digestibility and higher feed efficiency. Vitamins A, D3, E, & B12 for a healthy immune system. Quality nutrients for nutritious eggs and birds that thrive.


Crude Protein       Min  16.00 %

Crude Fat             Min    3.00 %

Crude Fiber         Max    5.00 %


All of our Non-GMO products are formulated with Wheat Midds, Milo, and Black oil Sunflower seeds as the main ingredients, with Diatomaceous Earth added. These are also No-Soy formulas utilizing Menhaden fish meal for supplemental protein.

Non-GMO Nutrition


16% Protein     3.5% Fat

Great for laying hens and broilers.


Remember to change feeds slowly over a 2 week period. Abrupt changes in laying hen’s diets can cause them to stop laying. Also allow access to Oyster Shells or Calcium for laying hens.

16% Non-GMO Poultry Mini Pellet


14% Non-GMO Multi Species Pellet


14% Protein     3% Fat

Formulated for a variety of species.

Non- GMO Chick Starter/Grower Crumble





18% Protein    3.5% Fat     8% Fiber


Specifically designed to support the nutritional needs of growing poultry with supplemental vitamins and minerals.

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